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TurrrboCherry has been teaching burelsque since 2009, hosting different workshops, introduction- and more advanced burelsque classes. Nowadays she, together with her partner-in-glittter TInker Bell, runs the first actual burlesque school of Finland; The Shangri-La School of Showgirls ! The school is part of their own Studio Shangri-La, a haven for burlesque enthusiasts in Souther Finland, serving as a rehearsal studio for several other artists and  with weekly classes of burlesque and gogo dancing, funny showgirl workouts, as well season-long coaching lessons and featuring two fablulous performing student troupes; The Shangri-La Showgirls and The Shangrilettes!

TurrrboCherry is available for private classes as well as weekend courses at the studio but also elsewhere the country - not to forget bachelorette parties! 


Cherry also gives a introduction classes to vintage hairstyling. 


TurrrboCherry has received gratitiude for being a positive and inspiring teacher.


Original image above by J.Fogelholm

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